(June 22, 2020)

Board Meeting Updates

Here are a few items you may want to know about, things our board has been discussing over the last couple of months. Before you read, note that these are ALL evangelism, they ALL help us to reach out to the people around us and, step by step, build relationships that help us introduce them to Jesus and commit to a loving relationship with him. They make us more accessible to our neighbors.

  1. Some outdoor improvement plans
    • Basketball court facelift--new goal, new asphalt (getting quote for that)
    • Parking lot facelift--getting quote for paving
    • Prayer Garden--have cleared the land behind the basketball court; now it's clear enough to see what we may develop back there, something sustainable and enjoyable. This will be a huge blessing to our immediate community since there aren't any beautiful green spaces this side of town.
  2. A job opportunity
    • We need the help of someone who can devote a number of hours each week to improving and sharpening our online presence. We've just begun sharing a job description to that end. This may not be a long-term position which is why it's listed as an intern position. It will ideally strengthen our online presence to a point that's more sustainable by a few solid volunteers. We shall see.
    • You can find the job description on our Facebook Page.
  3. Intercity Project
    • We've been invited to help with the Southern Union's project in Atlanta. They are purchasing and distributing Steps to Christ throughout the city (once social distancing is no longer a barrier).
    • We'd like to share a list of members who would like to help with this project. If you'd like to, let Pastor Michaela know ASAP and she'll pass along your name and number. If you don't want your name and number shared, let her know by this Friday.
    • A literature evangelist will reach out to you directly and will also ask if you have friends and family who they can contact. The more books purchased, the better!
    • 50% of book sales go to the LE (student) who calls you.
  4. Drive-in Worship Service Assessment
    • They've been going well
    • It has been great to see everyone in person
    • It has been great to be outside
    • Still need a few more volunteers to provide outdoor plants, help with setup & cleanup, learn to run all the equipment 
    • Not sure how much longer we'll be outside--need a few more things in place before returning to the building
    • Because of the need to begin earlier and beat the heat, Sabbath School has been negatively impacted--working on that.

Other Ministry Foci

We're continually thinking of how others can connect with us whether or not they're Adventist and without having to come to one of our worship times. 

  1. Grow groups:
    • Do you have an activity you enjoy doing with a group? This could be knitting, biking, cycling, hiking, baking, book clubs, Bible study, basketball...the options are just about endless.
    • If you'd like to start one of these groups, click here. Let us know the type of group and how often it'll meet (at least twice a month for relationship building).
    • These will be groups anyone can join. We'll post them on our website so that when folks check us out online, they'll quickly see ways to connect outside of Sabbath services.
    • These will be groups that meet for 8 weeks maximum and regroup after a short break, if so desired. Folks can continue with the group or jump to another group.
  2. This is the year for Nominating Committee and electing leaders. Let's pray about that process and that our leaders (and all of us!) will see God's vision for where we go during the next two years.