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Main Address
429 Epps Bridge Pkwy
Athens, GA 30606-3303


The Friendship Center
395 Epps Bridge Parkway
Athens, GA 30606


If you are parked on our property and we don’t know who your car belongs to, we will likely have it towed at your expense. Call Logan’s Towing at 706-548-5632. They are located at 

235 Floyd Drive
Athens, GA 30607

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A Note About Using Your Information

Whenever you sign up for an event or request information from us, please know that we never share your personal information with anyone outside of our organization.

The only sharing we'll do is internal based on your specified needs. For example, if you're interested in Bible studies, we'll share your information with the people in our church who are helping with Bible studies.

If you want us to remove your name or edit your contact information, please email us at with your specific request.

Thank you!