It's not often that we have a conversation about addiction and recovery. And when we do, it's often full of misinformation.

As a community that believes in the transforming power of God and of relationships, we want to have a conversation that both speaks to the reality of addiction and the journey of recovery. And we want to do so in a way that helps us understand the helpful role we may be able to play in someone else's recovery journey.

Join us for a candid conversation with Chaplain Shane Sims. We'll not only hear his story but we'll also have time to ask him some questions. If you can't meet in person, join us online via our YouTube channel or our Facebook Page.

Before and after you join us, please take these surveys so that we can learn from you and discover more ways to effectively serve our community.


Here's a little bit about Shane:

Chaplain Shane Sims of the Athens-Clarke County Police Department is a native of Athens. Having been born in the late seventies, he came of age during the crack cocaine epidemic that swept across the country during the 80's and 90's. Shane would develop his own addiction to marijuana and alcohol during his early teens, which led to a devastating shift both within and outside of himself. Shane uses his lived experience and training to help people understand the nature of the horrible disease of addiction.


Pastor Michaela will facilitate the Q&A time. If you have any questions for her about the event or questions for Shane, be sure to submit them in the form on the side (if you're on a laptop) or below (if you're on a phone).



Opioids and other prescriptions drugs can be helpful...for a time. And, sometimes, they can become harmful. Let's reduce access to opioids and other prescription drugs by getting rid of those we no longer need.

On August 29, we'll have a receptacle in  our parking lot at 

Athens GA Seventh-day Adventist Church
429 Epps Bridge Parkway
Athens, GA 30606

All you'll need to do is drive in, put down your window, drop your prescription drugs into the receptacle, and drive off. We'll take care of properly disposing of the drugs with the help of the ACC Police Department.

We won't ask you any questions. We will give you some information to read over so that you can continue doing your part to keep yourself and others safer. It may seem like something small but it goes a long way!



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