Reopening Working Document


Here is a WORKING document that outlines what we'll likely do when we're ready to return to the church building and Friendship Center. We'll adjust as necessary as new information is discovered about the COVID-19 virus and about reopening here in Athens, GA.


RE: Return to Public Worship Services Plan


Drafted: April 23, 2020
Voted by Church Board: May 6, 2020


We need to decide the next steps necessary to consider returning to our facilities for public worship and meetings. This document is to serve as a recommendation to the Church Board and exists as a working document as the public response to COVID-19 is changing daily.

In order for us to consider returning to a public worship service, we we will not consider reopening until a 15-day waiting period past the lapse of the current Local/State Declaration of Health Emergency, which is currently thru May 13. This would put the earliest date for the possibility of considering a return to the building on or around May 30th.

Once the State of Health Emergency has lapsed, the following conditions should be met and will be reviewed by the Board prior to any declaration of reopening:

Once we have determined that the threat of COVID-19 has been reduced in the greater Athens-Clarke County area and that it is safe to resume public worship services, we will look to reopen on a limited scale to abide by the CDC’s Social Distancing standards:

These guidelines, while seeming restrictive, are necessary actions required to continue to protect our members from potentially spreading viral infections to each other, such as COVID-19 and Influenza. The fact is, about half of our membership falls into the “at-risk” category by either age or physical ailments.

We want to make sure that we consider this as the public strives to return to public life. Our hopes are that some of these restrictions may one day be lifted, but some of the guidelines listed above may become a “new normal” for public worship services.