Our Prayer Garden

Welcome to our future prayer garden!


Phase 1 — The planning

We've worked with two designers to create our prayer garden, a space that'll be not only for us to enjoy but also our community. 

Aron Hall was the first designer to look over our space and create a design. One of his ideas was to think of the layout in terms of the Garden of Eden, creating four corners that represent the four rivers.

We then had Kelly Cowen enter our journey and complete the design you see below. During her time with us, we identified some potential problem trees and we're in the midst of getting the trees assessed and gathering quotes for their removal. During a work bee in June, we were able to do a bit of cleanup to the garden area.

Phase 2 — The install

In this phase, we will source the plants and trees from local plant stores and decide on what to put in the pathway. We'll  give this design to a landscaper who will then do the install.

As a cost savings, we will most likely have another work bee to help with more clearing and planting.

Based on best planting times, the garden probably won't be completed until the late Fall.


So far, we've spent about $1,825 on this project. If you'd like to donate to the prayer garden, you can use our Online Giving link or write a check and note that it's for the prayer garden.

Take a look

Scroll through the document below to get a sense of how the garden will look.


Scroll through the document below to get a sense of what our garden will contain.